Top Gear Style in Iceland

Start your adventure by heading out of the capital of Reykjavik in giant 4x4's. These 4x4's have driven to the North Pole and back so you're sure to be able to tackle the most extreme of terrain, so be ready for an adrenaline fueled ride! Your first day's lunch stop will be at the amazing natural Geysers of Iceland, where the volcanic activity creates superheated columns of steam and water to shoot up over 30ft into the air creating a spectacular show. You'll then head to one of Iceland's largest Glaciers, driving through the snow you'll reach the edge of the Glacier. Race around the stunning landscape on your snowmobiles and experience the thrill of these unique machines.

  • Category: Signature Journeys


Location - Reykjavik, Iceland

Languages - English & Icelandic 

Group Size - 2 People 

Experience Dates - 2-4 Nov 2020 and 8-10 Nov 2021

Duration - 2 Days