Taming The Wild

Gradually ascend from the Atacama Desert to one of the highest plateaus on Earth at the divide between the east and west of the Andes. The Bolivian Altiplano is a staggering mix of colours, contours, strange formations and changing horizons.

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  • Float over the Atacama desert in a hot air balloon as the sun rises
  • Have a private photo shoot with the Bolivian Andy Warhol
  • Discover the origins of Andean culture at the pre-Inca site of Tiahuanaco
  • Receive the sacred blessing of an Aymara high priest
  • Take a thrilling ATV ride along parts of the Dakar Rally route
  • Take-off directly from the Bolivian Salt Flats in a privately chartered light aircraft
  • Stay in unique, lunar-like domes on the Salar de Uyuni

Your dedicated guide will take you by four-wheel drive past intriguing formations of stone forests and the barren valley of Salvador Dalí Desert. The scenery here is reminiscent of his surrealist paintings. See Licancabur volcano mirrored in the emerald waters of Laguna Verde. From the savage beauty of the Salar de Uyuni to the flamingo-filled Laguna Colorada, time disappears when you step inside this otherworldly landscape.

Out on the bright-white expanse of the salt flats you will have a private photoshoot with renowned Bolivian artist, Gaston Ugalde. The vast horizons can play tricks on the eye, creating the possibility for some weird and wonderful imagery on this unique terrain. You will also get a rare opportunity to take-off directly from the salt flats for a flight over the incredible volcanic scenery.

 Stay on the shores of Lake Titicaca, the birthplace of the Incas. Kayak around the floating reed archipelago of Islas Uros and discover how the lives of the indigenous people are, quite literally, weaved together by totorareeds.

Hidden in a valley fringed by towering Andean peaks, La Paz is one of South America’s most eclectic cities. Explore the hustle and bustle of street life, full of an amalgam of cultures and customs. With the protective spirits of the mountains watching over you, you can see why this region is at the sacred heart of indigenous culture.

Best time to travel: April to September  

Number of nights: Ten

For individuals, couples or small private groups