La Vie En Rose

Paris, the most visited destination in the world, is one of a kind. Repeatedly romanticised in literature and film, the city has an indefinable allure - that je ne sais quoi. This melting pot of cultures and cuisines combines to put Paris at the cutting edge of the food, art, music, fashion and design scenes.

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  • Discover the visual and artistic beauty of handcrafting haute couture flowers 
  • Witness the intricate work of the artisans who embroider for the likes of Chanel and YSL
  • Have a pastry masterclass with chefs at the Ritz Paris 
  • Sample the finest Grand Crus and cheeses from the wine cellar and delicatessen of Caves Legrand
  • Get a keen insight into the art of perfume making with Blaise Mautin
  • Dine on home cooked food at the private residence of a Michelin star chef

This trip can be customised to your personal preferences. 

To delve into the heart of Paris' creative soul, we will take you to some of the meccas of the haute couture industry. The workshop of Ecole Lesage produces exquisite embroidery for Chanel, Givenchy and all the top fashion houses. Meet the fairy-fingered artisans who spend countless hours embroidering onto garments for famous ateliers. 

Another unique skill honed here and coveted on the high fashion circuit is the handcrafting of haute couture flowers. Designers, shoemakers and jewellers adorn their creations with stunning replicas of camellia, rose, gardenia, iris, dahlia and orchid. Discover the secrets behind this unique and colourful art. 

Head to the Ecole Ritz Escoffier where pastry chefs will divulge some of the delicious secrets involved in pâtisserie making. From mille feuille to financiers, the French know how to do it best. If your palate prefers savoury treats, then sample some fine local cheeses in a private salon. With five generations of expertise, Caves Legrand will pair each flavour with one of France's Grand Crus.

It would be remiss to visit the centre of fashion without browsing the boutiques of Rue Saint-Honoré and Place Vendôme. Explore in a vintage car or wander the districts of Montparnasse and Montmartre, where Art Nouveau and Art Deco artists once frequented the streets. To round off your sensorial journey, meet Blaise Mautin, a titan in the perfume industry. In the comfort of his home, this olfactory expert will introduce you to the infinite possibilities in the art of perfume making. 

By night, jazz clubs, cabarets and concert halls offer everything from classical and experimental to iconic and unknown. One evening, enjoy a private dinner in a Michelin star chef’s  apartment. Thomas Boullault’s  cosy apartment is the perfect venue for an intimate dinner party- combining home comforts with impeccable style and delicious cuisine. Thomas will prepare and serve an intimate dinner, effortlessly creating a perfect evening

Whatever you choose, there is something to lure you into a lifelong love affair with the City of Lights.