Kingdom of the Polar Bear

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A seven-night exclusive access to the invitation-only areas of the icy wilderness of the Svalbard archipelago, the kingdom of the polar bear. 


  • Exclusive access to remote and restricted areas of the Svalbard archipelago and the Barents Sea
  • Discover polar bears in their natural habitat with the experts, an experience that few will have in their lifetime
  • Head out on daily expeditions in search of bears, arctic foxes, seals and reindeer
  • Ride snowmobiles, completely alone to maximise viewing chances

In the icy wilderness of the Svalbard archipelago it is the polar bears who rule the land. This intrepid expedition will allow you exclusive access to their Arctic homeland as you journey deep into the realms of the Barents Sea. There will be no jostling with other snowmobiles, no manoeuvring for the best shot - this place is invitation only and you are the only ones on the list. It is just you and, with luck, the bears (and our expert guides to keep you safe).

Explore this wildest of environments with elite expedition leader Raj Joshi and a world-class photographer, who will be there to capture what will be some of the most stunning moments of your life. You will embark on daily adventures, heading out into the snow early each morning to maximise your chances of spotting the region’s wildlife.

Race over the virgin ice on snowmobiles and feel the surge of adrenaline as you spot an Arctic fox hidden against the bright white of the snow. Watch as the native seals bob their heads out of the water, and enjoy the grace and quietness of a herd of wild reindeer. This ethereal wonderland is the stuff of dreams, but we have your exclusive golden tickets...

Best time to travel: Late March to early May  

Number of nights: Seven

For couples or small private groups of up to four people